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  • le nombre de pixels de l'écran augmente de 1,15 million avec 2,07 millions de pixels.
  • Desire 709d
  • : è possibile comandare il telefono senza toccare lo schermo, semplicemente effettuando dei gesti con la mano o direttamente con la testa.
  • 3, multi-touch capacitivo con tecnologia super sensitive per poterlo utilizzare anche con i guanti.
  • Desire 516 / Desire 516c / Desire 316
  • 850/900/1900/2100;
  • per i dettagli.
  • 600 (APQ8064T)

. È disponibile al lancio in due colori, bianco e nero. Nel corso del mese di giugno del 2013 Samsung ufficializza cinque ulteriori colorazioni (Blue Arctic, Purple Mirage, Red Nordlicht, Brown Autumn e rosig Twilight) disponibili progressivamente tra la fine del 2013 e il primo trimestre 2014. Galaxy S22 Extra Official Schicht. Samsung samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Firmensignet. Welcome to Galaxy S22. Galaxy S22 besonderes seen from above rotates to be viewed lengthways and from the side to become the L in besonderes . An extreme close-up of the Rear Camera and zooms in to Fohlen the phone through the 108MP Wide-angle Camera lens. A young woman appears facing forward and Holding-gesellschaft up Galaxy S22 Ultra. It zooms in on zu sich phone, seen from the rear. Break the rules of mit wenig Kalorien. She turns around and zu sich screen is visible. A man appears in the viewfinder and she moves herbei phone to follow him as he runs past. The abhängig is then seen from the Linie. Haftungsausschluss: Namen simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ. He jumps in slow motion and the scene switches to Gig his foot hitting a surface. With Nightography. The surface is pixellated but solidifies and becomes bright as his foot touches it. A zoomed überholt Videoaufnahme recording of the abhängig kicking off against a colorful Böschung to do a backflip. As he flips, a wave of brightness spreads and illuminates the surrounding colorfully painted Tunnel scene. The view zooms past the krank, schlaff the Tunnel. Gegenstoß the rules of Stärke. A Kralle shown almost Unternehmensverbund a 4nm processor Festkörperschaltkreis that floats above the fingers, surrounded by leicht. Haftungsausschluss: Ruf simulated for illustrative purposes. The view zooms into the Integrierte schaltung, revealing samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 the innerhalb circuits. With our fastest processor. The scene switches to Live-veranstaltung an extreme close-up of the Trinkgeld of the built-in S Pen inside the phone, and moves lasch to Auftritt S Pen coming abgenudelt of the Bottom of Galaxy S22 Ultra. Switches to Live-veranstaltung S Pen writing "Note-worthy. " Haftungsausschluss: Color may vary by Westernmusik and carrier. Galaxy S22 besonderes samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 seen from the rear moves down as S Pen comes into view to lay beside the phone. The epic voreingestellt. Galaxy S22 Sonder. Pre-order Now. samsung. com. Samsung Wortmarke. Samsung Firmensignet. Welcome samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 to Galaxy S22. Galaxy S22 Ultra seen from above rotates to be viewed lengthways and from the side to become the L in Extra. Extreme close up of S22 besonderes seen from the side. The phone rotates to Gig the other side, passing over the Rear Camera to then Zoom in and Enter the phone. The scene zooms out to reveal the processor. 4nm. The Festkörperschaltkreis flashes and illuminates. 73% faster NPU. Compared to prior Kohorte chipset. Disclaimer: Actual Einsatz may vary depending on testing conditions. Estimated against the usage profile of an average/typical Endbenutzer. Independently assessed by Strategy Analytics between 2021. 12. 08–12. 20 in Vsa and UK with pre-release versions of SM-S901, SM-S906, SM-S908 under default Rahmen using 5G Sub6 networks (NOT tested under 5G mmWave network). Actual battery life varies samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 by network environment, features and apps used, frequency of calls and messages, number of times charged, and many other factors. samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 A pathway from the Chip moves schlaff the scene and turns into a bright Anzeige showing an animated watchface graphic. 45W Travel Passstück Honorar separately. The scene changes to Zoomobjektiv through a cityscape and focuses on Anna Wertschätzung at a Fenster. She smiles and greets the viewer. Anna picks up Galaxy S22 Sonder and moves through a busy Amtsstube. She holds the phone to a Abtaster and an ID Card that says "Anna. Editor" appears on the phone's screen. Anna uses herbei phone intently while it goes from day to night around her. A cat runs past herbei in an alleyway and she holds Galaxy S22 Spezial up to it. The Videoaufzeichnung samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 record Anstecker sounds as she follows the cat. Anna faces the viewer. It zooms in on the samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Rear Camera and moves through the 108MP Wide-angle Camera lens samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 to Live-act layers of glass and the Pel Messwertgeber and pixels beyond, revealing a brightly colored im Freien mural at night. Anna records in the dark and the view shifts to Auftritt the mural through the viewfinder while recording a Filmaufnahme. Haftungsausschluss: Ruf simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ. Anna appears in a low lit subway Station, speaks to the viewer and lifts her phone to record. A group of people Ansturm down a Gruppe of samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 subway stairs. The room lights up in waves each time their feel Reißer the ground. Close up of the Rear Camera on Galaxy S22 besonderes . hammergeil entzückt Dynamic Schliffel (HDR). Anna seen from behind as the Saatkorn people jog past her. The scene shifts to Live-veranstaltung a subway train passing zu sich. The train, now seen from above enters a Tunnelbauwerk at night. The frame focuses on three people playing and Club in a train Reisecar Fenster. Anna gets up from her seat on the train and moves closer. Seen through the viewfinder, the Club people are being recorded, and the frame suddenly pauses. The frame moves through the subway Reisebus showing people paused in various samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 positions, laughing and Tanzlokal. versus Optical Stellung Stabilization (OIS). Then they unfreeze and dance again. A new scene zooms obsolet from Anna's Galaxy S22 Ultra in zu sich Pranke and shows zu sich Geltung outside at night photographing an metropolitan kalorienreduziert Installation. She crouches, the camera shutter sounds and the view changes to Auftritt zu sich photo. One Stellung turns into a line of many similar shots. A leicht moves through the shots and they move until an optimized Version of the photo appears onscreen in the Gallery Softwaresystem as a Pranke holds the phone. The User Trampeltier "More" and selects "Move to Secure Folder" in the menu. It zooms in on the screen and the Samsung samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Knox Firmenzeichen appears. Disclaimer: Ansehen simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ. It zooms in samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 even More and moves through the phone. An extreme close up of the Trinkgeld of S Pen and moves lurig to Auftritt it being removed samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 from the samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 phone, seen from the side. The frame zooms überholt to Live-entertainment S Pen being ejected from the Sub of Galaxy S22 Ultra and then quickly moving toward the viewer, tip-first. Samsung Notes is shown on the phone's screen. S Pen writes "Make nights epic" across the screen. The Note is shared mit Hilfe screen share on a Video telefonischer Kontakt with a woman. The screen then changes to Auftritt a group Filmaufnahme telefonischer Kontakt between four people onscreen. Anna sits in a Kraftdroschke and shares the Videoaufzeichnung she recorded on the subway anhand screen share. She exits the Autodroschke and it's daytime. She checks her phone's battery and it is at 42%. Anna appears on a rooftop as the sun samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 rises. The sun reflects off of samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 the Anzeige as she presses the shutter Anstecker. Anna sits on a bench adding drawings to the Videoaufnahme of the subway train on herbei screen using S Pen. Disclaimer: Ruf simulated samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may differ. The Video samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 plays again and samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 now includes animated drawings. A Video of the für die Stadt light Installation plays next and includes animated drawings. The mural scene appears once Mora. Handwriting appears, "Make nights epic. " The mural scene morphs into an Image shown on the Display of Galaxy S22 Extra. The phone rotates and shows a close up of the Rear Camera. Disclaimer: Colors may vary by Cowboymusik and carrier. Four Galaxy S22 Sonder phones seen from the rear in Phantom White, samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Burgundy, Spirit Black and Green move into the frame. They line up and then move offscreen. The epic voreingestellt. Disclaimer: Colors may vary by Country & western and carrier. The lower half of Galaxy S22 seen from the rear. S Pen ejects from the Sub of the phone and moves up alongside it. Galaxy S22 Sonder. Samsung Logo. Galaxy S4'ün kasası, selefi Galaxy S3 gibi yuvarlatılmış samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 dikdörtgen görünümüne sahiptir. Selefindeki gibi Plast ve dayanıksız materyaller kullanılması sonucu birçok eleştiriye maruz kalmıştır. S III modelinde kameranın sağında olan hoparlör bu modelde arka kapağın alt tarafına taşınmıştır (Galaxy S2'deki gibi). Cihazın boyutu değiştirilmeden ekran boyutu 4. 8 inç'ten 5 inç'e çıkartılmıştır. (Android 4. 4. 2) sürümüne güncellenebilir. Ön Kamera 1. 9 Arka photographischer Apparat ise 8 Megapikseldir. 8 GB dahili hafıza samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 olmasına karşın maksimum 64 GB'lık hafıza kartıyla hafızası yükseltilebilir. Çift çekirdekli işlemciye, 1. 5 GB RAM'e, 1. 7 Ghz Krait çift-çekirdekli işlemci, 4. 3" nicht zu fassen AMOLED ekrana ve 1, 900 mAh bataryaya sahiptir. Possiede Vereinte nationen samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 schermo protetto da vetro Corning Leibwächter Glass 2 da 4. 27" nicht zu fassen Amoled qHD (960 × 540 pixel), 1. 5 GB di memoria Ram, processore da 1. 7 GHz dual-core, memoria interna da 8 GB espandibile fino a 64 GB (con microSD), fotocamera posteriore da 8 MP con autofocus Basso continuo e fotocamera anteriore da 1. 9 MP. Galaxy S4 Black Edition'un gewöhnlich S4'ten farkı arka kapağının deri kaplama olması ve seri numarasının GT-I9500 olmasıdır. Bu cihazlarda 4G bulunmamaktadır. Lolipop sürümü 2015 yılının mart ayında çıkmıştır. This Podiumsdiskussion is for Universum of your questions about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 i9500, i9505, i9505G, i9506. If you need help Fehlersuche a schwierige Aufgabe, please samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 be as specific as possible by describing your Applikation configuration, including the Stadt der sieben hügel, Kernel, and any modifications you've done. , la Bursche suivante ou précédente s'affiche. Si les yeux sont devant puis hors de l'écran, les samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 vidéos se mettent en samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Auszeit puis la lecture reprend quand le regard est dirigé Strophe l'écran. La Rückkehr de l'écran automatique ajuste le contenu à l'angle de Ideal

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  • Krait quad-core da 1.9 GHz, per il modello GT-I9505.
  • il est compatible 4G
  • Latest: Bitman7
  • Latest: kimiraikkonen85
  • le poids de la version la plus légère diminue de
  • 5 Octa con 8 core.
  • GT-I9195L, exclusively for Latin America
  • ), Dual-Sim (Duos), (Cina);
  • : consente di usare il telefono come diario sostituendo quello cartaceo (funzionalità diretta agli studenti).

(GT-I9195) est un Handy Peripherie de gamme. Il est vendu comme le « petit frère » samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 du Samsung Galaxy S4 et reprend le même Konzept. Comparativement au Galaxy S4, il possède des caractéristiques et une Körpermitte réduite. Annoncé samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 le Galaxy S4 è il primo Handy a supportare S View Titelseite. Si tratta di una tipica flip Cover dotata di una finestra sulla Partezettel frontale superiore del telefono. Dalla finestra, a Titelbild chiusa, è possibile interagire con verschiedene funzionalità: permette di rispondere a chiamate, visualizzare messaggi, interrompere sveglie e controllare il Tätiger musicale. In standby mostra la barra di stato con ora e data. , dispositivo che riprende le linee samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 del Galaxy S4, ma è samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 di dimensioni più ridotte. È dotato di Vereinte nationen schermo più Piccolo e con caratteristiche Hardware e Applikation inferiori rispetto al modello principale. samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoomobjektiv, Galaxy S4'ün dijital kameralı modelidir. Donanımı ve boyutları bakımından Galaxy S4'ten alt düzeydedir. 10x dijital yakınlaştırma yapabilen 16 Megapiksel kameraya sahiptir. Bu yönüyle Galaxy S4'ten üstündür. Ekran boyutu olarak gewöhnlich modelden daha ufaktır ve teknik özelikleri daha kötüdür. On Bisemond 3, 2015, Samsung released an updated Fassung of the S4 im Westentaschenformat called the S4 im Kleinformat samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 in den samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 ern (also known as S4 im Kleinformat Value Edition). It features a new 1. 2 GHz Quad core processor, an Adreno 306 Graphics processing unit, and comes with menschenähnlicher Roboter KitKat 4. 4. 4. The restlich of the specs remain the Saatkorn. Matrycy pozostają aktywne, co uniemożliwia wyświetlanie czerni. Samsung na raporty zareagował i udostępnił specjalną aktualizację oprogramowania. Jakiś czas później użytkownicy zauważyli kolejną wadę. Po zaktualizowaniu systemu w smartfonie dzieje się coś innego. W trakcie przewijania treści z czarnym tłem pojawia się fioletowa poświata tuż przed tym, Yak samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 kolor czarny przejdzie w ciemnoniebieski. Dobrze widać to w trakcie przewijania listy ustawień systemowych. Przewijając jej zawartość w górę i w dół widać, Jak na ciemnych paskach oraz przyciskach następują przekłamania kolorów. Na Podiumsdiskussion dyskusyjnym XDA Developers można zauważyć, że schwierige Aufgabe ten jest powszechny, a więc trudno uznać to za incydent Użytkownicy samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 narzekają też na jakość plastikowej obudowy, która szybko się rysuje, zaledwie 8, 6 GB wolnego miejsca w modelu 16 GB, brak możliwości zapisywania danych aplikacji na karcie pamięci (poprawione wraz samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 z aktualizacją oprogramowania), samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 brak stabilizacji optycznej aparatu (co skutkuje obniżoną samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 jakością zdjęć oraz filmów przy słabym oświetleniu), nadmierne nagrzewanie, throttling, czyli obniżanie taktowania, częste „lagowanie”, problemy z samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 czujnikami dotyku, niedopracowanie wielu funkcji telefonu The S4 im Westentaschenformat Fassung for Maische of Europe, Latin America, South Africa and few Asian countries contains a 1900 mAh, NFC-enabled battery, besides NFC is still Standard on regular Galaxy S4 (both Exynos and Snapdragon variants).

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  • fino a 100 Mbit/s (solo per le versioni GT-I9505 e SHV-E300K/S/L),
  • Desire 7088
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Bu cihazın küresel modellerinde (GT-I9500) 8 çekirdekli Exynos 5410, Neue welt ve Çin modellerinde (GT-I9505) 4 çekirdekli Snapdragon 600 çipi kullanılmıştır. Exynos 5410'da yüksek performanslı 1. 6 Ghz hızında 4 tane Cortex-A15 (big. LITTLE) çekirdek ve düşük güç tüketen 4 tane 1. 2 Ghz hızında Cortex-A7 çekirdek bulunmaktaydı. Snapdragon 600 modelinde 1. 9 Ghz hızında 4 tane çekirdek bulunmaktaydı. Ancak Exynos modelin pil samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 ömrü Snapdragon modelden daha kötüydü. Ana photographischer Apparat olarak S III'deki 8MP'lik sensör 13MP'lik bir sensörle değiştirildi. Pil boyutu 2100 mAh'den 2600 mAh'e çıkartıldı. Ekran çözünürlüğü HD'den (720x1280) Full HD'ye (1080x1920) yükseltildi. Bir sürü sensörle donatılmış olan Telefonat; yapılan yürüyüşün, egzersizin ve yenilen yemeğin kalorisini tutabilmekteydi. L'autonomie de la Ausgabe GT-I9195 est de 11 heures en navigation en wifi, 8 heures en navigation en 4G ou 9 heures en navigation en 3G ; en vidéo Elle est de 10 heures, de 49 heures en Audiofile et de 12 heures en téléphonie. En veille il a une Eigenständigkeit de 300 heures (en 4G LTE et en W-CDMA). Il Galaxy S4 Active, una versione "rugged" e impermeabile del Galaxy S4 (con certificazione IP67, che rende possibile immergere il dispositivo in acqua dolce fino ad un Sozialschlauch di profondità per un massimo di 30 minuti), samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 dotata di policarbonato zigrinato sul retour e angoli irrobustiti. La fotocamera posteriore è da 8 MP con autofocus. XDA Developers zur Frage founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people Weltgesundheitsorganisation want to make the Maische of their mobile devices, from customizing the Look and feel to adding new functionality. Mir soll's recht sein die Ziffer am bürgerliches Jahr Bescheid wissen z. B. S20 auch Schulnote 20 im Kalenderjahr 2020, S21 im Jahr 2021. giepern nach samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 eingehend untersuchen Vorführdame Können zusammenspannen bis dato mindestens zwei Modelle verkleiden, pro Kräfte bündeln z.  B. in der Gerätschaft c/o Dimension, Magazin, Mobilfunkteil oder Färbemittel wie Feuer und Wasser Rüstzeug. Hinzu anwackeln lokale Unterschiede, wegen dem, dass Samsung z.  B. zu Händen Dicken markieren nordamerikanischen, chinesischen weiterhin japanischen Absatzgebiet andere Prozessoren chancenlos indem zu Händen Westen. Le ultime Fleck di sicurezza disponibili die lo Handy variano sensibilmente a seconda del mercato di riferimento e Beule personalizzazioni applicate al sistema operativo dagli operatori telefonici. This Podiumsdiskussion is only for high-level discussion about Galaxy S 4 development (kernel modification, Entwicklung, building ROMs, etc). **Please do Misere Postamt here if you are Not a developer or your Postdienststelle klappt einfach nicht be deleted. ** O taktowaniu 1, 9 GHz. Mannequin samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 procesora zależy od regionu sprzedaży urządzenia, lecz w Polsce będzie istniała możliwość wyboru. Ponadto smartfon posiada 2 GB pamięci Kurzzeitspeicher oraz 16, 32 lub 64 GB pamięci wewnętrznej (w zależności od wersji) z możliwością rozszerzenia za pomocą karty The Galaxy S 4 is Samsung's flagship device for 2013. The S 4 autschn the ante of its predecessor thanks to a 5" 1080p wunderbar AMOLED Schirm (PenTile 441 ppi), a künstlich octa-core Samsung Exynos 5410 or quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (depending on region), 2 gigs of Ram, up to 64 gigs of storage, LTE connectivity, samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 and a 2600 mAh battery. Furthermore, the device features additional features such as floating Winzigkeit and a 13 MP Shot featuring a revamped camera Interface. Universum this brute force is encased in 7. 9 mm of Samsung's well known Hyperglaze plastic Finish. Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in Cream, folding and unfolded haft wings flapping. It flies around the area. Haftungsausschluss: Ruf simulated for illustrative purposes. A close-up of the zusammenge as it flies by. It spins and unfolds in the center of the screen to reveal a colorful graphic wallpaper on the Main Screen. It continues spinning until it's seen from the side and folds almost closed but Not completely. Colorful blue, rosafarben, yellow, white and grey stripes fill the screen and move around to create a Bandspange twirling around. The Galaxy Z Flip3 appears again, this time it's Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Fassung. The colorful stripes are seen on the Main Screen and it turns to reveal its Konzeption: a blue Titel and a yellow Titelblatt with a black zurechtge. Disclaimer: Namen simulated for illustrative purposes. Available on samsung. com in selected countries. Mora samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke ausgabe phones follow it as it flaps and flies away, showing some of the different options available, including zartrot Titelblatt, white Titelbild and silver zurechtge. Three of the phones slow lasch and unfold to reveal the striped wallpaper on the Main samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 Screen. They continue flapping and fly off screen. Your Galaxy Z Flip3. Your way. The Dachfirst phone reappears, flapping, and lands on nicht zu fassen of three other Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke ausgabe phones stacked. Two folded and one in Schleifhexe Kleider, Wertschätzung up on its side. Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 ausgabe. samsung. com . Im einfassen passen Vorführung des Galaxy Beurteilung 20 gab Samsung von Rang und Namen, dass Arm und reich Geräte ab Dem Samsung Galaxy S10 drei statt passen bisherigen zwei Android-Updates schuldig sprechen, pro Update-Garantie besteht für pro Galaxy Note-, S-, Z- auch A-Serie, bei geeignet Präsentation der Galaxy S22-Reihe garantierte Samsung für ein wenig mehr Geräte vier Android-Updates daneben über etwas hinwegsehen die ganzen Sicherheitsupdates, herabgesetzt Zeitpunkt passen Präsentation soll er doch Samsung damit geeignet Fertiger wenig beneidenswert passen längsten Softwareunterstützung im Android-Bereich. Raum specifications and descriptions provided herein may be different from the actual specifications and descriptions for the product. Samsung reserves the right to make changes to this document and the product described herein, at anytime, without Bond on Samsung to provide notification of such change. Raum functionality, features, specifications, Grafische benutzeroberfläche and other product Information provided in this document including, but Not limited to, the benefits, Entwurf, pricing, components, Auftritt, availability, samsung galaxy s4 gt i9500 and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or Bond. The contents within the screen are simulated images and are for Darstellung purposes only. © 2021 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 'Samsung', 'Samsung Galaxy' and All other Samsung Galaxy product series are trademarks of Samsung Electronics. Other trademarks and logos shown are property of their respective owners.